Bought Myself Flower Challenge

I’m an advocate for self-love and on the day that these pictures were taken it was clear that I didn’t love on myself enough. As I drove to meet Liv, I began to get emotional and cry. As I looked at the flowers I said aloud “Syd I forgive you. You are 100% Lovable. You are 100% Worthy. You are 100% free to be yourself and you are 100% safe.” Whew did I get wrecked in that moment. You see I love and support everyone else but when it comes to me, I put myself on the back burner. Buying those flowers helped me break a barrier in my life. I had to remind myself that this is a year of saying yes more to myself.



So buying these flowers was the start! I chose to love on me. It was the first time in 26 years that I ever brought myself flowers or even received any. And it felt amazing. I was created to be love and to be loved. I’m learning to embrace this season in my life. I’m learning to trust God’s timing and not rush the process. He created me with a purpose. Today and every day I will choose to celebrate me.


I have had bad days and my life is far from perfect. I get nervous and a little awkward when a camera is in my face. And to be honest I have days where I struggle with just being me. I tell myself daily that I am enough because this world would like me to tell myself otherwise. Trust me I don’t have it all together, but what I do have is my relationship with God and a great support team. Stop comparing your life to others you never know who you may bless just by being you!






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