Courage In The Wilderness with Jessica

I am a singer. I am a songwriter. I create with purpose and pursue with confidence. I believe that my story is not just for me but it is to be shared with others. I enjoy gathering with people over food and laughter and I value my role as a friend, sister, and daughter. My goal is to create music that heals, loves and supports. Movements that teach us how to love ourselves are near and dear to my heart, especially "I Am Enough Movement". Hiking and working out has taught me how to love myself, value my time and nurture my growth. My hope is that we can all get to know ourselves, forgive ourselves and love ourselves. Once we can be generous to ourselves, I know that we can extend that grace to others.


Jessica Anderson


How did you find your Courage in your wilderness?


Jessica: I found courage by looking in the past, ironically. What I found was that just as many times as I had fallen, I had also gotten up. God gave me a scripture to live by. The scripture I was given told me to not just be brave but be courageous, which means not to be deterred by danger or pain. God led me to my courage.

How were you affected by Courage during this season/time in your life?


Jessica: When I realized that life goes on and that nothing holds you down forever, I was able to make moves without fear. During this season I realized that pursuing anything takes sacrifice and courage is what reassured me that during my sacrifice, I must stand strong.


Why was Courage important during your wilderness?


Jessica: This word was important for me because there was a point in time when I felt fed up with struggling and at that time I wasn't a positive person. I was allowing myself to be the opposite of courageous. It was important for me to understand that there will be danger and pain, I can not run away from that. The lesson I learned is that I don't have to run away from it, I just must not allow it to distract, dishearten or stop me.


What advice would you give your 15 yr old self based Courage?

Jessica: Don't let anything steal the fire within you. Times will get rough, you will want to quit and at times you will. Don't let quitting prevent you from starting again. It takes courage to walk on an uncharted path. Do not walk the other way because there are thorns in the grass. I promise you that you will feel pain but take that pain and make it worth it. Let it move you forward in purpose. Do not let pain and danger move you toward a path of blind comfort. You're strong enough to walk on the path that has been given to you.



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