Forgiveness In The Wilderness with Phoenix

Phoenix Renee Williamson is an outstanding individual who has balanced and excelled in academics, athletics, leadership, and the arts. A recent graduate of the illustrious Howard University, she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in strategic communication in 2016.


While there are many things that she is passionate about, Phoenix believes that her purpose in life is to tackle the lack of diversity on the screen but more importantly BEHIND the scenes. She plans to use her aptitude in the arts as an actress and producer to become the catalyst for the changes that she would like to see in the entertainment industry. After graduation, she has taken the steps to sharpen her skill set in an effort to rise into the powerhouse that is so desperately needed.


How did you find Forgiveness in your wilderness?

Phoenix: During my wilderness experience, which I am still in, I have realized how much I have held inside and against myself and others. Forgiveness is the key to letting the anger, hurt and embarrassment go.


How were you affected by Forgiveness during this season/time in your life?

Phoenix: Forgiveness is popping up everywhere during this season. I am running across it on social media, watching it on television and in movies and even reading it in daily devotionals. It is almost haunting me!


Why was Forgiveness important during your wilderness?

Phoenix: From my understanding, a wilderness experience is a time of God-ordained testing. In order to get through and pass this testing, I have had to analyze the relationship I have with myself and others. Forgiveness has been a common element in the hardships of these relationships.


What advice would you give your 15-year-old self based on Forgiveness?

Phoenix: Forgive yourself, Phoenix! I'd explain to my 15-year-old self that I don't have to be my biggest critique and to embrace the mistakes while learning from them. I have always been hard on myself and it started in high school, around the age of 15, so I would just urge that I go into new experiences and new relationships forgiving myself for being imperfect!


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