Freedom In The Wilderness with Syd

Thank you so much for reading and being apart of the In The Wilderness Series with us. I really appreciate you all. I can't wait to share more with you all!


Don't forget that you are Enough!!





How did you find Freedom in your wilderness?

Syd: Whew that's a good question. I would have to say I found freedom in my wilderness when I finally let go of pleasing people and being concerned about their opinions. Being free from other's opinions is so rewarding.  


How were you affected by Freedom during this season/time in your life?

Syd: The moment that I found Freedom, was the moment that my life began to fully flourish. I started believing in myself again, my goals didn't seem like distant memories anymore. I realized finding Freedom during this time in my life was vital because where God was taking me I needed to be free from everything that was holding me back and keeping me in fear.

Why was Freedom important during your wilderness?

Syd: Freedom was important to me during my wilderness because I was in a place of listening to what God was telling me to do while also being concerned about offending others. I realized that I will always be faced with challenges, negative thoughts and feelings, but how I respond to them determines my reality. Finding freedom helped me to enjoy where I was in my life.


What advice would you give your 15 yr old self based on Freedom?

Syd: Comfort zones are meant to keep you boxed in from the truth, from freedom and from who God is calling you to be. Don’t worry about who may or may not like you or even what you have to share, just be obedient to your calling. Stop doubting yourself so much girl, you have been fully equipped for this. Become rooted in your self-worth and lose the doubt of not feeling like you are enough. Trust me you are more than enough.




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