In The Wilderness Series

Hey Everyone,


I want to share a series that I started called’ in the wilderness”, dealing with love, forgiveness, healing, confidence, peace, etc. Each of these phases are ones that I personally dealt with during my wilderness. I decided to share them with you guys by having my friends share their own experience with the word that was given to them.


Just know that when you go through a really difficult experience, when you feel lost and alone and God seems far away, you’re in the wilderness for sure. But more than that, you are in the place God has chosen as your testing ground. This is the place where God wants to strengthen you and solidify your sense of identity so you will have the internal resources you need for the good future He has planned for you.

I love you all and pray that you never lose hope while you are in your wilderness. Your wilderness is a very important part of your walk. Stay encouraged my friends.


Welcome to the In The Wilderness Series!


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