Love In The Wilderness with Kamryn

Hi Beautiful Spirits, my name is Kamryn. I’m on a beautiful journey in this physical body. I’m a dancer, a model, and a massage therapist. I am continuously working each day to grow and learn more about myself and the simplicity of life. I enjoy the tranquility of being in nature and hiking; it’s such a great way to escape from “everyday society”. I’m seeking to have complete peace within, happiness and love here on earth. I’m so grateful to have met Syd and to be a part of this amazing "I Am Enough Movement", so elevating and inspiring. I AM ENOUGH. I AM LOVE. Change your thoughts; you will change your world. =]


Kamryn Howard


How did you find Love in your wilderness?

Kamryn: I found love by going within, not focusing on getting love from the world but truly learning to love myself from within first. I'm still learning to Love!


How were you affected by Love during this season/time in your life?

Kamryn: During this season in my life, love has helped me to not care what others think of me, and to be FREE and allow love to be filled within me so that those around me can feel LOVE too. LOVE is simple, yet can be hard to understand if there's a cloud inside of you blocking the good. This season I began to get back into dancing, and that's one thing I truly enjoy doing!


Why was Love important during your wilderness?

Kamryn: Love is important during my wilderness because it is truly comforting. God is Love! No matter where I am, LOVE is there, within and surrounding me. I shall fear nothing!

What advice would you give your 15 yr old self based Love?

Kamryn: 15-year-old Kamryn (lol): note to self....dont go searching to receive comfort and Love in things that don't truly make you happy. Be happy with your "flaws", love the skin you're in and don't give up your goodies to these little boys (lol). Take precious care of your body, mind, and spirit. Spirit will guide you ALWAYS! God got you gurrrrrllllll!

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