Peace In The Wilderness with Nicole

Nicole Ballantine was born in Brooklyn NY, USA. She graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology with a minor in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Production Management. Upon graduation, she worked in Product Development and then fell in love with traveling and writing which lead her to writing her travel blog In June 2016, Nicole moved from NYC to LA to continue travel writing and found a new love, film, and television acting.


How did you find Peace in your wilderness?

Nicole: By becoming still. Being still in a spiritual sense, and sometimes physical brings about the clarity that can promote real positive change and proper decision making.


How were you affected by Peace during this season/time in your life?

Nicole: Peace is a reminder to become "still". I can only be the best me when I am happy, and with happiness is a sense of peace. I'm not saying this will be perfect but rather I have come to peace with my situation. I change the things I can and accept the things I can't️


Why was Peace important during your wilderness?

Nicole: It is a reminder to always find solutions, no matter how hard things get. With resolution comes peace of mind.


What advice would you give your 15 yr old self based on Peace?

Nicole: It will be alright. My younger self and current self (when I'm not vibrating at my highest level) can be such a worrywart! All that does is take away peace and provides no solution to the issue you are stressing!



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