Transforming into your purpose

This first picture was taken three years ago; thanks for the reminder Facebook. As soon as I saw the picture, all I could see and feel was the pain. During that season in my life I was so broken and confused. I had lost sight of what God told me months prior, “You are Enough Sydatris”. It’s evident that I didn’t believe Him. I had just gone through another heartbreak and I was so angry with God. This heartbreak, I didn’t think I could bounce back from. There’s were weeks, and even months, I cried out asking Him to remove this pain, doubt, and insecurity that was trying to take full control. 



This Syd couldn’t see what God had in store for her next. She didn’t know that all of that pain would push her to start her own nonprofit called “I Am Enough”. She didn’t know that she would come to love herself the way God does, or even see herself the way He does. 

Sitting here writing this I can remember all the times I fought myself on learning my worth. The first half of my self-love journey was learning to love how I looked and realized that there is only one Syd and God didn’t make any mistakes when He created me. Now I’m on the second half of my journey which is learning that I am enough to fulfill the purpose God has for me. I used to question why He chose to use me; now I just say “God this is your vision for me and I’m here to manage it; just show me and I’ll follow.”



When I see the picture on the left, I see peace, freedom, and love; I see myself as being Enough. I now believe and know that I am enough. Getting to this place took a lot of forgiving, healing and trusting God every step of the way. I had to be willing and ready to face every lie that was told to me or spoken over me by myself, others and the enemy. I’m so thankful that I was able to see that I was broken, but I no longer wanted to be. I was ready to be healed and transformed into the woman God predestined me to be.



Today reflect on where God has brought you from. You will see even during those moments you may have felt alone and even wondered if your prayers were being heard. Trust me nothing goes unnoticed when it comes to God. Remember that true transformation comes from within.  God loves you too much to leave you where you were.



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